Wood Pellets


Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are typically made from sawdust residues from the wood-processing industry. They are compressed, so that the sawdust is held together by the lignin contained in the wood. When burnt, only 0.5-0.7% of residue remains in the form of ash.

Wood pellet systems have lower capital costs than wood chip systems, but the fuel cost is typically 30-50% higher. This makes them more effective in the smaller range, from 15kW upwards. The homogeneous nature of the fuel results in very even burning and a very high efficiency. Pellets are evenly sized and also tend to be free from foreign bodies, which largely prevents any issues with the feed system to the boiler. In our planning work, we aim to dimension pellet silos such that they only need stocking up once a year. The delivery of wood pellets can, thus, be compared to the delivery of heating oil to oil-fired heating systems.

So far, we have been responsible for over 40 wood pellet and wood chip heating systems, the majority with district heating networks.

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