energy for heating



53% of all energy in the UK (excluding energy used for transport) is used for space and water heating. This rises to a staggering 82% for the domestic sector! (DECC Energy Consumption in the UK, 2009 update). Between 2005 and 2010, total energy prices for the domestic sector rose in real terms by 45.8% (gas: 65%, heating oil and electricity: 37%). Energy prices for the industrial sector rose by 50.4% in real terms. (DECC Energy Trends, June 2010.)

As if the cost of fossil fuels for heating were not a strong enough argument, environmental concerns about CO2 emissions from fossil fuels add to the pressure to look for a reduction in energy use and to alternative energy sources. More recently, the introductions of the UK Feed-In Tariff for 'renewable' electricity and the Renewable Heat Incentive have created further financial incentives to look to alternatives to fossil fuels.

If you are unsure about the options, why not let us help? We can provide financial and technical assessments of potential solutions for your particular situation. Once you have decided to take action, we will act as 'customer friend' to ensure that the finished system is technically excellent and provides the best value for money for you.

We have many years' experience of energy saving technologies and processes for domestic, commercial and industrical situations. Possible solutions are too numerous to mention, and are usually specific to a particular building, site or process. We also have detailed technical and financial knowledge of renewable energy systems.