Radiant ceiling panels for cooling

Radiant Ceilings for Cooling


Modern office buildings are equipped with means of limiting the room temperature as a matter of course. Different systems can be used, often classified as partial air-conditioning systems (providing, for example, cooling only, or cooling and humidifying) or total air-conditioning systems (providing heating, cooling, humidifying and drying). For cost reasons, the tendency these days is away from total air-conditioning systems towards partial air-conditioning systems, and towards systems using water as a transfer medium, such as chillers or radiant ceilings.

Radiant ceilings have the following advantages:

  • energy efficiency
  • silent operation
  • can be used for both heating and cooling
  • no obstruction of wall space (e.g. compared to conventional radiators)
  • water used as transfer medium (not ozone-depleting refrigerants)

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