concert hall

Building services update

Restoration of multi-purpose hall

This multi-purpose hall in the Black Forest includes a concert hall with seating for an audience of 1000. We acted as lead consultants for the modernisation of all building services, a project of 600k. In addition, we took on responsibility for sound proofing and for solving a major damp problem.

In summary, the following work was carried out under our direction:

  • Connection of services to the building (electricity, water, district heating)
  • Electrical services (high and low voltage, lgihting including stage ligthing)
  • Telephone system, including internet access
  • Heating (a radiant heating system was chosen for the main hall; this achieves an energy saving of around 10% over mostly convective emitters; the hall was connected to an existing district heating system with wood boiler)
  • Ventilation (the system uses variable-speed fans which are regulated to control the fresh air volume according to the CO2 content of the air)
  • Water (mains water supply and rainwater harvesting)
  • Drainage (installation of drainage pipes around circumference of building, with twin pumps lifting the water to the level of the main drains system)
  • Sanitation (toilets, including disabled facilities, and showers in gym)
  • PA system
  • Sound-proofing of practice rooms