bulk wood fuel storage in forest

Setting up wood fuel supply chain

Wood fuel production and storage is exemplary

In this system, a 1.1MW wood chip boiler heats a school centre, town hall and business centre in the south-west of Germany. The 100m3 wood chip silo is located below ground in a school yard. For safety reasons, the sliding lid was strengthened to take the weight of 100 school children.

Our German office, which was responsible for the entire biomass heating system, was able to persuade the town council to heat with wood from the town-owned forests. In liaison with a number of local bodies, an independent wood fuel supply chain was set up. Wood is stored in the forest and chipped into a bulk storage area once a year (see picture). From here, wood chip is transported into the wood fuel silo by a local farmer when needed.

The regional forestry commission considers the wood fuel supply chain exemplary and regularly demonstrates the system to interested parties.