district heating system with remote supervision in Oedsbach

District heating system with remote supervision

Heat supplied to local authority by Energy Service Company

This district heating system was planned by our German office, who also managed its installation. The system supplies heat to a multi-purpose hall, the local school, the town hall, and a former school now housing offices. At the core of the system is a wood-chip boiler. This is backed up by an oil-fired boiler when the outside temperature is below -5°C (about two weeks per year), or in the rare event of a fault.

The entire system can be supervised and controlled remotely. Remote control of the system allows heating parameters, such as on-times and temperatures, to be set via the internet. Downtimes are minimised due to remote fault diagnosis.

The project is financed by a private company which has been contracted to supply heat to the local authority for a period of 20 years, starting in 2000.