Boiler house at base of wood fuel silo

Automatic transport of shavings to wood fuel silo

Manufacturer makes the most of waste

A factory extension and the opening of a new paint shop meant that heat requirements in this factory for bathroom furniture had increased to nearly 2MW, and the old 1MW oil-fired boiler was no longer sufficient. This seemed like a good opportunity for installing a biomass boiler which uses the chipboard off-cuts from production as a fuel. Our German office was responsible for the design and installation of the new heating system, including

  • A new boiler house with 350m3 wood fuel silo above and 1.4MW wood chip boiler at ground level (see picture)
  • The installation of a new 1MW oil boiler in the existing boiler room
  • The connection of both boilers and large heat accumulator into the factory-wide heating system; this includes a new control system offering remote plant supervision
  • The automatic extraction of wood shavings and sawdust from the production area to the wood fuel silo
  • The installation of a new chipper for large off-cuts; wood chips are transported automatically from here to the wood fuel silo