wood chip heating at palette factory Caspari

3MW wood chip heating plant

Heating of wood drying facility and office buildings from district heating network

Caspari in Waldbröl is a family business producing wooden packing cases and palettes in a factory near Cologne, Germany. Following a recommendation from a leading manufacturer of wood chip boilers, Caspari contracted us to design and manage the installation of a new biomass heating plant. The plant includes a new boiler house and boiler, a district heating network, and connection of all existing buildings to the network. The buildings include wood-drying chambers in which palettes are dried to IPPL and SIREX certification standards.

The heating system went into operation in October 2006. It delivers 3MW of heat from two 1.5MW wood chip boilers. The boilers are fired with waste wood from the production, which is a very cost-effective solution for Caspari, saving not only on fuel costs, but also on the costs of wood waste disposal.