cold store uses low ground temperature

Use of low ground temperature for cooling

Phase 3 of cold store

In 2002, we planned the refrigeration system for 10 cold stores for this customer. The waste heat from the refrigeration system is used for space and water heating elsewhere on the site. In 2005, we planned the air-conditioning system for the existing offices as well as a new office building to be constructed.

In the third phase of our ongoing relationship with this customer, we designed a refrigeration system for an additional 2000m2 of cold store. This new system uses ground water for the rejection of heat. Releasing the heat at a temperature that is (on average) lower than the ambient air temperature reduces the power requirements on the compressor in the refrigeration system.

Ground water is extracted from a single well at a rate of 60m3 per hour. As the maximum permissible temperature increase in the ground water is 6C, the water has to be returned to the ground through two wells. Extensive calculations and simulations have been carried out in order to obtain planning consent for this installation.